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GTTC Attorneys Help Client Navigate Thorny Insurance Coverage Issues and Avoid a Significant Excess Judgment

September 10, 2018

Attorneys Brendan Winslow-Nason and Greg Pendleton recently guided a Washington-based client through an insurance-coverage thicket, enabling the company to defend itself from serious claims and resolve a difficult and costly business dispute.

The GTTC client is an industry leader in the construction field who faced a multi-million dollar lawsuit alleging damage to a manufacturing facility on which the client had worked. The alleged damages exceeded the client’s available insurance policy limits. Complicating matters, the insurance company disclaimed coverage for a significant portion of the alleged damages. Over the course of almost a year, Mr. Winslow-Nason and Mr. Pendleton aggressively advocated for their client. They filed a coverage and bad faith lawsuit, negotiated with the insurance company and its counsel, and worked with the client’s defense counsel to push for a favorable settlement. The GTTC lawyers’ efforts paid off:  the insurer agreed to withdraw its coverage denials and, just days before trial was set to begin, agreed to pay 100% of a favorable settlement.

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