May 15, 2023 General

GTTC Anniversary Retreat

GTTC (belatedly) celebrated its 25th anniversary this month with a fun-filled retreat to San Luis Obispo, California. GTTC lawyers spent quality time together participating in business meetings, dinners, a cooking class, hiking, and wine tasting. We also connected with GTTC founder Chuck Gordon and welcomed Molly Olds, Emily Knight, and Dan Bentson to the GTTC family.

GTTC was founded in 1996 by five BigLaw lawyers. Since its inception, GTTC has been guided by principles of professionalism and collegiality, producing top-quality legal work while maintaining positive working relationships with our fellow members of the Washington bar. We have since grown to 17 lawyers and look forward to sustaining our guiding principles for the next 25 years and beyond.