Gordon Tilden Thomas & Cordell LLP has earned its reputation for skilled advocacy and creative problem-solving. We foster a culture of excellence based on these principles:

Judgment and credibility.  A lawyer’s greatest asset is their judgment—which is earned by standing in court, presenting evidence, and understanding what is credible and persuasive to judges and juries. GTTC lawyers focus solely on the client’s ultimate objective and avoid the many opportunities to engage in minor but costly battles that do not advance that objective. Our 26-year track record has proven the value of this approach.

Preparation for trial from day one.  We prepare every matter, from the beginning, on the assumption it will be tried to verdict. Viewing the case through the lens of trial serves our clients well, whether the case is tried or resolved at the settlement table.

No pyramid, no bait-and-switch.  We have consciously avoided the “pyramid” model, with many junior lawyers reporting to a small number of senior partners. Our partners roll up their sleeves, do the work, and know the facts and law, period.

Statewide representation.  GTTC maintains offices in Seattle and Spokane.  Maintaining a physical presence across the state allows our attorneys to stay up to date about developments on the local court level and also provides convenient meeting locations for our clients on both sides of the Cascades.

Justice and diversity.  GTTC works for justice—in the courts, the legal profession, and our firm.  This drives:

  • The GTTC Law School Leg-Up Program, under which the firm awards scholarships for LSAT preparation courses to diverse aspiring law students.
  • Our support of Legal Employers Advancing Diversity in Washington (LEAD-WA). Each year, GTTC hires summer associates via the LEAD-WA program and now has a permanent associate who came to the firm from LEAD-WA. Partner Susannah Carr serves on its Board of Directors.