Creative solutions in trust, estate, and fiduciary disputes

GTTC Partner Kasey Huebner is one of Seattle’s leading litigators representing parties in trust, estate, and fiduciary litigation. She and her team regularly represent parties in a broad range of disputes, including:

  • Estate Administration and Management – We handle disputes involving both probate and non-probate matters. This includes disputes related to all aspects of estate administration and management.
  • Trust Administration and Management – We handle disputes related to all aspects of trust administration and management as well. Our experience includes representing trustees, trust beneficiaries, and others interested in administration of the trust.
  • Will Contests – We have experience in cases involving beneficiary designations in wills, questions of interpretation, questions of testamentary capacity, allegations of fraud and coercion, and related matters.
  • Breaches of Fiduciary Duties – We represent parties in disputes related to the duties owed by personal representatives, trustees, attorneys-in-fact, and guardians.
  • Disputes Involving Closely Held and Family-Owned Businesses – In addition to matters specific to estates and trusts, we also handle disputes involving closely held and family-owned businesses. This includes disputes arising both within and outside of the context of the administration of a decedent’s estate or a family trust.

Representative Matters

Opposing party concedes in will contest trial

Kasey Huebner represented a beneficiary in a will contest matter in which the opposing party conceded after presented her client’s case.  As a result, the will was reformed, and the client was able to obtain the full estate share to which she was entitled.

Successful Representation of Estate Against Claims by Decedent’s Spouse

Kasey Huebner successfully represented the personal representatives of an estate in a dispute with the decedent’s wife regarding fishing rights and the entitlement to receive proceeds from post-death fishing operations. Kasey defeated the spouse in every dispositive motion, and the spouse ultimately withdrew her appeal. As a result, the spouse was required to return to the estate hundreds of thousands of dollars in fishing proceeds she had taken and to reimburse the estate for its attorneys’ fees and costs.

$1 million summary judgment award in breach of fiduciary duty litigation

Kasey Huebner achieved summary judgment in favor of an individual who had been financially abused by his attorney-in-fact.  Kasey successfully demonstrated that the attorney-in-fact had breached her fiduciary duties to the client, leading to a $1 million judgment in the client’s favor, as well as an award of over $200,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs.

Disinheritance of beneficiary under no contest clause

Kasey Huebner successfully represented a client in relation to baseless claims asserted by estate beneficiaries in relation to closely held businesses held by the estate.  She successfully moved to disinherit one of the beneficiaries under the will’s “no contest” clause.