January 16, 2024 General

GTTC Recovers $2,300,000 in Pedestrian Crosswalk Case

GTTC partner Mark Wilner obtained a $2,300,000 settlement on behalf of a client who suffered serious injuries while walking in a marked crosswalk.  On February 7, 2023, the client went for a walk after work in her North Seattle neighborhood, as she did every day.  As she crossed 40th Avenue NE, at the corner of 75th Street, she was struck by a minivan.  In addition to sustaining physical injuries—including multiple fractured bones—the client faced massive medical bills and an uncertain medical and financial future.  She retained GTTC and, following a substantial investigation and claims process, the firm helped her recover the full limits of all applicable insurance—the at-fault driver’s policies and her underinsured motorist coverage—for a total settlement of $2,300,000.