February 18, 2022 News

GTTC to Present on Insurance Coverage for COVID-Related Business Losses at the 2022 ICLC Conference

GTTC partner Kasey Huebner will serve as a panelist addressing insurance coverage for COVID-related business losses at the ABA’s upcoming 2022 Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee Conference in Phoenix on February 24.

Coverage for COVID-related losses is a rapidly developing area of insurance law, and GTTC is a proven leader in pursuing insurance recovery on behalf of Washington policyholders for losses incurred as a result of the pandemic. GTTC attorneys have represented policyholders in each of the Washington cases that have resulted in a ruling in favor of coverage for losses arising from COVID-19 and related governmental closure orders. Currently, GTTC partner Mark Wilner and associate John Cadagan are co-counsel in the first case to be heard by the Washington Supreme Court addressing coverage for pandemic-related losses.